Last Chance Regatta

Fort Rodman Marine Education Association
Low Tide Yacht Club
Last Chance Regatta – 2018

       RULES: This race shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020
       (RRS). The prescriptions of US Sailing and the FRMEA/LTYC 2018 sailing
       instructions as modified by these Sailing instructions.
ENTRY: There is no entry fee for any boat owned and sailed by a FRMEA/LTYC
Member. The entry fee for eligible non-members is $ 15 .00 Eligible non- members are all
boats which have a valid 2016 PHRF-NE Rating. All entries must be submitted to
FRMBA/LTYC with valid PHRF-NE 2015 Certificate, unless one is on file with the
FRMEA/LTYC Race committee. All entries must be submitted by 18:00 hours, Friday
September 25, 2015. All entries must be submitted to the Low Tide Yacht Club
            1000B East Rodney French Blvd., New Bedford, MA 02744
             l) Skippers meeting and information pickup at 9 am, September 24, 2016 at
               the LTYC/FRMEA Club House, Fort Taber Park, New Bedford, MA.
               2) Scratch sheets and course descriptions will be distributed at the skippers
               meeting. Scratch sheets will be available for pick up from the RC Boat until
               11:45 am. In the vicinity of the starting mark.
              Start will be at the Delta Mark.  Southeast of the Butler Flats Light House.

              11:50 am -Warning Signal (Blue Flag) for boat with highest (numerical)
              PHRF-NE rating 11:55 am Preparatory Signal (Yellow Flag) for boat with
              highest (numerical) PHRF-NE rating.
              12:00. noon-Starting signal (Red Flag) 1 for boat with highest (numerical)
              PHRF~NE rating
              Note: Warning and Preparatory flags will be lowered one minute before next
              flag is raised.
                  Following start of first boat Red Flag will remain hoisted and a sound signal
                  will be given for each of the boats listed on the scratch sheet at their starting
                  If the start is postponed, the anticipated delay from 12:00 start will be posted
                 on the committee boat course board in minutes and the postpone flag will be
                 displayed until one minute before the starting sequence begins.
                 The finishing position of each boat is the actual order of finish in the race,
                 and within each class except for a shortened course in which case PHRF
Handicaps will be used to compute the corrected times for the actual
               distance sailed. Any boat deciding to retire shall inform the race committee
               by calling Channel 69.

               TOP LINE: course to be sailed (A) (B) (C) (D)
               SECOND LINE: Delay in minutes from 12:00 noon start.

               The race committee will monitor channel  69. Any notices from the race
               committee will be broadcast on channel 69. All competitors shall monitor
               channel 69 and shall acknowledge any calls directed to them individually.
               Start times are GPS times from the scratch sheet.

               Protests must be filed with the race committee within 2 hours after the last
               competitor finishes. Verbal notice of intent to protest must be made by the
               protesting boat and acknowledged by the race committee immediately after
               the protesting boat has finished or retired. If RC Boat is not on station at
               finish protester shall notify RC of its intent to protest on CH 69.

              All boats shall be rated according to their 2015 PHRF-NE Racing or
              Cruising number.

               First Place awards will be awarded in all classes sailed. The John B.
               0’Toole III Trophy will be awarded to the first boat skippered and owned
               by a member of the FRMEA/Low Tide YC. The number of boats entered in
               each class will determine 2nd & 3rd Place awards.

            Class 1 Racing (Spinnaker)
              Classes 2 Cruising (Non Spinnaker)

            See FRMEA/LTYC sailing Instructions 2018 for mark description, location
              and distance to other marks of the course.


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