Low Tide Yacht Club Bylaws

d/b/a Low Tide Yacht ClubAs Amended October, 2003
Current as of 2019
    1. 1.The name of the organization is Fort Rodman Marine Educational Association, Inc. d/b/a Low Tide Yacht Club.
    2. 2.Its headquarters shall be Fort Rodman (in Fort Taber Park) in New Bedford, Massachusetts and the mailing address shall be 1000B So. Rodney French Blvd., New Bedford, MA. 02744.
    3. 3.Its purpose:
      1. a.To operate exclusively for educational purposes and in so doing, to further the causes of maritime education, including public safety, knowledge and awareness of sailing, boating, and yachting and racing as a major sport.
      2. b.To offer to our community, state and government agencies, including conservation, maritime and educational departments, our support and encouragement.
      3. c.To promote an awareness and adherence to maritime codes, regulations and safety requirements.
      4. d.To operate and conduct classes, courses, schools and activities on and off the water designed to inform promote and encourage knowledge and adherence of all maritime activities, programs and activities within the organization and in conjunction and cooperation with other organizations, persons or agencies.
      5. e.To further educational maritime interests through creating, maintaining and supporting programs designed to introduce and educate our youth to maritime interests.
      6. f.To form, assist and join with other groups in the furtherance of maritime interests.

    1. 1.The membership shall consist of such persons as have:
      1. a.been proposed in writing by a member of this Association and seconded in writing by another, and
      2. b.been admitted to membership upon recommendation of the membership committee with the approval of the majority of the Board of Directors, and
      3. c.shall have paid fees and dues, and
      4. d.furnished to the Secretary their full names, addresses and other information as required by these by-laws.
      5. e.No person shall be denied membership because of race, color, or creed.
    2. 2.There shall be eleven (11) classes of membership with their age determined as of January 1 for the season.
      1. a.Student:   up to age 18
      2. b.    Individual:   19 to 64
      3. c.    Seniors:   (individual) 65 +
      4. d.    Family
      5. e.    Veterans & Active Service Men/Women:   ("Honorable" proof of DD 214 / CCard) 
      6. f.    Corporate
      7. g.    Corporate "GOLD"
      8. h.    "Flagship":   Status to the widow / widower (or) live in companion of any deceased member with a "Active" membership in good standing at time of death.    "Flagship" membership shall terminate on remarriage.   He/she shall have the same rights as an active member /shall be excused of payment of dues / have the right to vote / hold office / serve on committees and attend meetings.
      9. i.Life members: Any member for more than fifteen years and age 65. Life members are exempt from annual dues and assessments. 
      10. j.Eternal Members: Life members who are departed of this world and should never be forgotten.
      11. k.Honorary Members: Any person the organization may wish to honor for extraordinary contribution or service to the organization or boating. Each term of membership in this classification shall be for one year only. A member may be elected in successive one-year terms by the Board of Directors. Members in this classification shall be exempt from the payment or entrance fees or annual dues; but shall not have voting privileges, nor hold office.
    3. 3.Resignation: Any member may resign “ in good standing” from the club, after payment of dues and all indebtedness to the organization, by written notice to the Secretary. Such resignation shall, after acceptance by the Board of Directors, operate as a release and assignment of all interest in the club. Any member who resigns after May 1st will be responsible for all dues and fees for that year.
    4. 4.In the event of divorce, the ex-spouse may apply for a membership in writing within twelve (12) months of final divorce without paying an initiation fee.

    1. 1.There shall be within each year, two regular meetings of the members of the Association; One during the month of October to be called the Annual Meeting, and the other to be called the Semi-Annual Meeting during the month of April. At the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors for the ensuing one year shall be elected from among candidates proposed by the nominating committee and such as may be nominated and seconded at the meeting; no member is to participate in nominating or seconding more than one candidate. There shall be one vote per paying membership. Other matters concerning the activities of the Association may come before any regular meeting and the action taken on them shall be binding on the Board of Directors in the administration of the Association.
    2. 2.Special meetings of the general membership may be called by the President/Commodore or the 1st Vice President/Vice Commodore at any time on their own initiative and must be called on written request by any five members of the Association. Notice of special meetings must be mailed to the members at least one week in advance. Special meetings may deal with specific business for which called, which shall be stated in the notice.
    3. 3.A quorum at any general membership meeting of this Association shall be ten Members. Majority votes of those in attendance shall govern and there shall be no proxy voting.
    4. 4.At any meeting of general membership, this Association may amend these by-laws. Provided notice of such amendment shall have been given in the notice of that meeting but no amendment shall be valid unless recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the general membership meeting, in the call of which notice of such amendment must be given, and no part of these by-laws may be suspended for any time.
    5. 5.All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be conducted following the Roberts Rules of Order, unless superseded by the By-Laws.

    1. 1.The affairs of this Association between meetings of the members shall be administrated by the Board of Directors, subject to the action of those meetings and in accordance with these by-laws. The members of the Board of Directors, elected to their several offices in accordance with Article III, shall be a President/Commodore to preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors: 1st Vice President/Vice Commodore and 2nd Vice President/Rear Commodore to assist him and to replace him in order, in his absence; a Secretary to keep record of all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors, to have custody of all reports and documents of the Association except financial, to keep a list of names and addresses of all members of the Association and of election of membership or to office; a Treasurer to have control of all funds of the Association and to have charge of the collection and disbursement of same and to keep a correct record of the financial condition of the Association at all times accessible at all times to members of the Board of Directors and to render a full report on the financial condition to the Board of Directors at the end of each fiscal year; and eight members-at-large, but in any case, there shall be thirteen members of the Board of Directors.
    2. 2.2. The Ex-President/Past Commodore shall automatically become a member of the Board of Directors for the two years following his term as President/Commodore.
    3. 3.The Board of Directors shall meet within the month after the Annual Meeting(October) of the Association and at such times and places as the President/Commodore may decide on his own initiative or on request of at least three members of the Board of Directors.
    4. 4.At it’s meeting one month after the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee of five members, two of who may be members of the Board of Directors, to nominate a candidate for election to each of the thirteen places to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting in October. The Board of Directors shall designate the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.
    5. 5.At its meeting one month after the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors shall appoint an Educational Committee and designate its chairman to have charge of all educational activities conducted by the Association during the ensuing fiscal year. The Educational Committee consists of as many members as the Board of Directors shall decide, any of whom may be members of the Board of Directors.
    6. 6.The Board of Directors may also appoint any other committees as it may deem necessary, and it shall decide the number of members to be on such committees and may designate the chairman and make replacements when vacancies occur. No such committees shall serve beyond the next annual meeting after which they may be reappointed or new ones be appointed. Such committees shall at all times be subject and responsible to the Board of Directors.
    7. 7.Vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors between annual meetings shall be filled by a vote or the remaining members of the Board of Directors.
    8. 8.The Board of Directors, may at its discretion, cause this Association to be affiliated with other associations.
    9. 9.All committees shall, at all times, be subject and responsible to the Board of Directors.

    1. 1.Members shall pay dues each year at rates recommended by the Board of Directors and approved at the Annual Meeting of the General Membership. Dues shall be payable by March 30th to apply to the subsequent year. Dues for new members who join after Labor Day shall apply to the subsequent year.
    2. 2.The fiscal year for this Association shall commence January 1st.
    3. 3.The Treasurer shall expend no funds of the Association without authorization of the Board of Directors by majority vote.
    4. 4.Financial assistance is available to all in need for any dues and or fees provided a written request is submitted to the organizations Secretary.
    5. 5.Members who join the armed services shall be exempt from dues and fees for the duration of their active enlistment provided a written request is submitted to the organizations Secretary.
    6. 6.The Ways & Means Chairman is to oversee the planning, operations, and budget review of all FRMEA Board approved fundraisers
    7. 7.Any FRMEA Board approved fundraiser that is sanctioned by FRMEA and where FRMEA is financially responsible for that fundraiser, FRMEA shall retain a minimum of 25% of the net profits for operations & overhead costs.

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